Humans of Simulated New York

HOSNY is a participative agent-based simulation built to speculate alternative economies. It asks how world-building as interactive gameplay creates the opportunity for a better and more complete understanding of the complex relationships that make up the systems of our world.

New Mercy Park

New Mercy Park is a transmedia educational tool that is part narrative experience, part alternate reality game, part poetry, and part software tutorial, resulting in an experience that spans months and takes place across chat boxes, emails, and other internet platforms.

The Qualified Life

The Qualified Life is an interactive installation that imagines the future of the workplace as a fully automated and gamified system that entrusts algorithms to determine the qualifications of employment.

Crystal Keyboard, CCPM

CCPM proposes an alternative way of looking at the way we use the devices we rely on the most. What if the the energy we expend and “waste” can be harvested and stored into a battery for later use? Could these typing-powered batteries then be treated as designed objects with their own narratives and sentimental purposes?

Wifi Whisperer

Site and logo design for artist Kyle McDonald's installation at Moogfest. Wifi Whisperer collected data from thousands of devices: what kind of device, what networks they've been connected to, which websites they visit, even the remaining battery life.

pplkpr Workbook

Workbook for running a pplkpr workshop, initially held at The Science Gallery Dublin during March 18-21, 2015.

Do Mechanical Turks Dream of Mechanical Sheep

An interrogation into the subjectivity and global impact of distributed crowd-sourced technology, its role in setting a precedent for digital labor ethics, and specifically, the “artificial artificial intelligence” of Amazon Mechanical Turk.


TRYTOBEGOOD is a podcast and music show on Bel-Air Radio, an artist-run online radio station located in Silent Barn Brooklyn.